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Ammo Retail
Having the right ammunition for your firearm is key to any successful hunting trip. Buy the ammunition you need at the price you want online with Gunsvalley.com
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Protective Ammunition
Hollow point ammunition is considered the best Home Defense and Personal Protection ammunition.
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Weapon Service
The Service Weapon is an object of power tied to the Astral Plane. Only those who are chosen by the Board can use it. Those found unworthy are executed. The Service Weapon is a shapeshifting firearm that can assume many different forms with different applications. The Service Weapon can take on many forms and be used for different purposes.
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Advanced Training
Advanced firearms training classes designed for the experienced shooters, defensive carbine, retired law enforcement carry concealed courses
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Increased coordination allows a player to perform technical skills with more confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

PRIVATE TRAINING is the fastest and best way to address your specific questions, and get you trained and “up to speed”. We also have a class specifically for those who are not yet confident with handling or shooting a gun safely, the NEW SHOOTER CLASS/INTRO TO FIREARMS. This class will introduce you to guns and gun safety, and teach you the basics of shooting. You will be able to learn about, handle, and shoot (if you want to) a variety of different handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

Got family and friends that you would like to include in a class? A private class at a home or the location of your choice is a great way to host a memorable and fun event for your club, church group, friends from school or work, all the guys or girls in your family, or even a birthday or anniversary gift to each other. We can bring the class to you! Contact us, and we will make it happen for you….

Private gun training lessons is a fast and sure way to get your specific training needs addressed directly. Why waste time, money, and ammunition struggling to teach yourself, when our private gun training can answer your questions, show you holster options, let you try them out, and quickly identify and fix shooting problems with your grip, stance, sight picture, or pistol loading, cleaning and malfunctions.

We have a webpage just for that! click here…..Cen Tex Gun Training llc Class preparation guide, Policies, Safety guidelines…..

No reloads, handloads, steel core, steel jacketed or tracer ammunition is allowed in class. Only new, factory ammunition can be used. We have had the best results with BLAZER BRASS brand ammo.