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Our History

Team of Professional
Combat Veterans

Team of Professional
Combat Veterans

Weapon reliance and security tactics

We aspire to perfection by sharpening our training skills and improving the training facilities.Your feedback matters a lot to us and helps become better.

Our Clients Trust Us

Our experience has taught us that it is critical to ‘keep it simple’ when training because the ‘Best do the Basics Better.’ All of the tactics, techniques and procedures we teach have been proven in combat, not by others… by us! Our training is offered in condensed, scalable, and repeatable training experiences, because we know that most people cannot take the time to attend multi-day training courses.

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Our Tacticool Staff

Meet the people who are involved in making the shooting training safer and more effective. We work with certified trainers only and guarantee a comfortable practice environment.

Peter Jackson

CEO, Founder

Meet the CEO of our shooting club, who is an experienced pro.

Steven Jones


An expert instructor, who can turn a newbie into a great shooter.